Oh, Poor Monkey Wubbanub

You survived being thrown around.

You survived being tortured.

You survived being squeezed. Hugged. Smothered.

Even caught between the railings of a crib for hours at a time.

And the miracle of your survival on a cold and lonely night completely defenseless, left in a parking lot 4 blocks from home. We searched with our flashlights for you, but you didn’t appear until morning. The elation on her face made the panic of the night before all worth it.

But you just couldn’t handle being bitten with her strong, razor toddler teeth.You simply lost your suction.

It was before your time.

Despite your sad demise, you will always and forever be our Sadie’s Wubba. Her most perfect lovey.R.I.P. Monkey Wubbanub


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