Preparing an Older Sibling for a New Baby

I have no doubt that Sadie is going to be a great big sister. She’s very social, very affectionate, and loves babies. We’ve been preparing her for her brother throughout this entire pregnancy by talking about him and she now spontaneously will go up to my belly and hug him, kiss him, talk to him, and most of all, ticky (tickle) him.

As much as she loves him right now on the inside, we know our Sadie. And our Sadie will have her little world turned upside down. It’s not gonna be pretty. There will be lots of tears, lots of fits, and lots of attention needed for reassurance. The focus will inevitably have to be divided and she will have to learn much more about sharing her life. It’s the reality.

To ease the shock I know we’re all in for, TJ and I have been preparing a gift basket little by little for her to receive once the baby is born. This is mostly to give her something new and exciting to do during the hours upon hours of nursing I will be doing and to make sure she knows we haven’t forgotten her in the process of integrating our new arrival.

Her basket will include items that she can handle independently and without much supervision. Here’s what it will look like when finished:

  • Baby Doll (she can change diapers alongside us, nurse, hold, rock, etc.)
  • Coloring Books
  • Markers/Crayons
  • A couple new books
  • Ball
  • Truck (so she can teach her brother, of course)
  • Foam stacking blocks and/or Aquadoodle mat/puzzles

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