Insane Pregnancy Cravings & Menu Plan

No special recipes or anything exciting on the food front this week as I’m focusing my energy on getting our house ready for a new addition and spending as many moments with Sadie as I can while she’s my only little human around here.

Just for chuckles, I am wishing I had this meal on our menu because I’m craving all of it…eaten together…big time! Ready?

First course…French fries. I want them salty and crispy on the outside and creamy like mashed potatoes on the inside.

Second course…Brisket (Me? Red meat?! More than once a year?!) with a peppercorn gravy-ish sauce that I can dip it in. But I want some sauce on top of the Brisket also. So, on top and on the side. Lots of it. Got it?!

Third course…Mint Chip ice cream. The green ice cream, not the white.

Here’s what we’re eating this week for dinner:

  1. Quinoa Pasta with Vodka Sauce & Garlic Parmesan Broccoli Rabe
  2. Taco Tuesday
  3. Quinoa Stir-fry
  4. Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs & Grilled Zucchini, Bell Peppers
  5. Tempura Chicken, Brown Rice & Ginger Garlic Green Beans

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