To the End

Yesterday was a big Dr. day for me…

I went back to my Cardiologist for test results that could make or break the kind of birth we’re hoping to have (all-natural, unmedicated VBAC). Weeks prior I was experiencing a lot of heart palpatations that would result in me having to sit down in a cold sweat from doing nothing at all and seeing spots or feeling like I was going to pass out for a good 15 minutes.

Despite my clean bill of health when I left the hospital after my gestational heart failure with Sadie’s birth, my OBGYN urged me to double check that something wasn’t overlooked so we could both relax. Hindsight, I should have urged him to pay the medical bill to run the tests.

Praise God my heart is in perfect condition and the palpitations I have been experiencing are almost certainly due to increased blood flow with the pregnancy. 

On to more good news, by this time with Sadie’s pregnancy I was already swollen, showing signs of pre-eclampsia, going in and out of the hospital for NST’s and gaining a ton of weight because of all the fluid retention that led to my heart failure in the end. But, this time I have no swelling, my blood pressure is almost lower than my non-prego norm of normal, I’m still wearing my shoes and wedding ring with no problem, and I’ve only gained 27 pounds in total.

The other interesting thing is that my OB is almost sure little boy will be early. As soon as he lifted my shirt to check on the boy, my stomach tightened. In his words, “Wow. Can you feel that?! You’re having a major contraction right now.” We waited in the room to see if I would have more and sure enough, 8 minutes later I felt a doosy that took my breath away. He told me to try and keep Baby Boy in for 2 more weeks, but to go home and pack our bags because he’s already dropped (I could tell because full waddling is in effect and my heartburn is so much better with more room in there).

And as luck would have it, I had a good amount of painful, regular contractions again last night that dissipated into nothing. But something is going on in there and it’s earlier than expected.

We had a feeling. Guess I should pack our bags! (Watch…all this talk and he ends up being late!)



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