Brown Family Traditions

TJ and I have been throwing around ideas for traditions and ideals we would like to instill in our own family “culture” as our kids grow up. Luckily, we were both raised with strong moral convictions by our parents and we would like to pass along the importance of our faith, the awareness of others in need around them, and being a stand-up individual.

Here are a couple things we would like to see our family routinely do in the years to come:

Birthdays: For each birthday, in addition to receiving presents, have child collect and guests/family bring an item that the child will give to someone in need. For example: Sadie’s birthday is in November just before Thanksgiving. This is the perfect time to be collecting canned goods and having her deliver them to a food pantry or homeless shelter to support Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.

This way our kids get to enjoy their birthdays and receiving gifts of their own, but they also learn to give to others who desperately need the necessities we often times take for granted.

Receiving Commission: Our kids will have a list of chores that are unpaid that they are simply required to do as a member of our home. Beyond those chores, they will have the opportunity to do more to earn their own money. They will learn to divide the money up into 3 categories: Save, Spend, Give.

With their giving money, we would like them to adopt a child through an international organization that is the same age as them to support every month. This way our kids have develop a heart for missions and can develop relationships with kids their own age who live in much more need by writing to them through their own childhood.

Prayer Pail: Sadie already always asks to pray all the time (especially before dinner). Right now, it’s limited to praying for her cousins. We would like to use the above pail in our dining room to start off our family dinner times by letting each of our kids pick a stick from the pail to pray for. This way we are sure to always be changing and adding things to pray for and it gives us a good foundation to start our conversation throughout dinner.

Thanks Board: And since Fall is approaching soon, here’s a tradition to start now. Every year I’d like to put this board up in view and have the kids draw or write things they are thankful for during this season and hang them up as a visual reminder of all the good.

We would like our kids to grow up knowing that there is plenty of bad that is easily seen in the world, but we need to be intentional about looking at the good and be thankful for the big and small things that take place in our lives!

What do you do in your family? I’d love to hear more ideas!


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