Crib Conversations

Sadie is our little talker. Maybe it’s because she has a Mommy with a Speech Pathology background who is just a tad bit paranoid. I guess I talked to her way too much while she was in my belly and still non-verbal. I try and control myself from taking daily language samples from her to calculate her MLU. We’re up to 6 word sentences and storytelling on a regular basis before the age of 2. The SLP in me couldn’t be more proud.

Honestly, it’s a loud house.

Our baby boy will either be mute because his older sister dominates conversation or he will be just as talkative because she has taught him everything he needs to know.

I just don’t ever want to forget.

Especially the one-sided conversations that take place in her crib. Sometimes the things she says are heartwarming, funny, and knock our socks off…

  • Mommy/Daddy hold you.
  • Baby doll has dirty diaper. Is stinky poo baby doll. It’s okay baby doll. All better. Shhhhh.
  • Sessy Pabbi fell on da foorrrr. (Pacifier fell on the floor)
  • Adocados (Avocados) in da trees Mommy/Daddy.
  • Nana/Papa be dere (there) at da home.
  • Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
  • Sadie pray Noah ‘n’ Jed.
  • Mommy baby in berry (belly). Sadie nuggle (snuggle) baby broda (brother).
  • Sadie be jumpin’ in beeeddddd!!!
  • God bigger dan boogieman.
  • Ut oh. Where pabbi go? Der (there) it is!

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