Menu Plan

It’s officially Fall, but the forecast here in Southern California isn’t screaming for soup, pumpkin cookies, and roasted acorn squash like I’m so badly craving right now! (Tip: I actually do check the forecast for the week ahead while menu planning so I don’t make soup when it will be 100 degrees outside or force TJ to BBQ with an umbrella. Maybe a little OCD).

On top of that, this baby can come literally at any moment (as I breath through another contraction), so my menu is not at all the caliber I would normally like to be at as far as creativity goes. Honestly, I’m a little bored of the food I chose this week, but it’s all easy to pull off and takes little time and that is exactly what this week calls for. So, maybe you also just need a week like us.

Who knows? Maybe we won’t even get to eat any of it because we’ll be too busy snuggling our boy! I sure hope so!

Here’s what we’re eating (for $42 bucks)…exciting stuff:

  1. Quinoa Risotto & Garlic Pan Roasted Veggies
  2. Wet Bean & Cheese Burritos, Salad
  3. Rice Pesto Pasta
  4. Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken & Brown Rice
  5. BBQ Chicken & Roasted Corn
  6. Southwestern Egg Rolls

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