Yep….Still Baking

Despite 3 major false labor alarms, I’m still pregnant! The last false alarm 2 weeks ago was the closest and most convincing yet:

  • Went to sleep on a Sunday night with some doozy contractions
  • Woke up in the morning with some wonderful early labor experiences I will leave out for your own sake
  • Called TJ home from work because my contractions became regular and too painful for me to handle on my own anymore
  • My Dad took Sadie to work with him so I could concentrate on laboring
  • And finally, by 8:30 pm that night contractions were 4 minutes apart for over an hour, so we were about to leave for the hospital and then….
  • POOF…GONE. Contractions stopped.

Now I find myself at 40 weeks pregnant with a placenta that has seen its better days and a baby that refuses to drop and get this show on the road.

He’s really making me squirm because I am finding myself at a deadline in being able to safely and successfully VBAC. If he doesn’t come by Tuesday afternoon, it will be a hard conversation in making the best decision with our Dr. in how we should proceed.

So, Operation Get Baby Boy Brown Out of Mommy’s Uterus is in full effect in this house. Whether it’s eating spicy food, walking, induction massages, downing pineapple, lunges, etc. I am trying it all with the hope that I can convince this little man that we really are cool people he would like to be around. Even Sadie told him to “come out and play” and “eat pretzels with Sadie Rae” today.

I spent last night crying and feeling sorry for myself at the prospect that I may have to surrender to a repeat C-section if it becomes apparent tomorrow at my ultrasound that he isn’t okay baking in there anymore. I was mourning the fact that my body doesn’t seem to be moving on a good time table, that I would lose out on being able to push on my own, recovery would be difficult, the hospital bill would be much bigger of a burden, more time would be spent away from Sadie, I would be out of commission much longer, etc.

But today, I woke up a fighter. I’ve come this far in the pregnancy doing all the right things for myself and this baby. I have trusted God to carry him healthfully along to our arms. And regardless of the way it happens, it’s already a miracle in and of itself.

I just can’t wait to see that little trouble maker of mine!


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