Jonah’s Birth Story

Jonah Dylan Brown was born on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 6:10 pm weighing in at 8 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long.

Well, we really did try everything to have a natural, non-medicated VBAC. But after almost 41 weeks of being pregnant with a little boy whose belly was no longer so little, it became apparent to us rather quickly that a VBAC was no longer a viable option. Our Jonah was measuring big so we had to think seriously about his risk for shoulder dystocia and the safety of me doing a labor that could easily end up in another emergency C-section after a long labor and a serious medical emergency for him. After weighing the risks and the pros and cons with our amazing OBGYN, we all decided together it would be in the best interest for us all to go ahead and do a repeat C-section.

At first I was torn up about the prospect of going under the knife again, but once we decided the benefits of Jonah’s safety far outweighed my desire to push, I was more than fine with the decision.

We thought we would be scheduling the C-section for Friday, Oct. 14, but my OBGYN called me on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 12 and said it sounded like a nice, strong birth day for a baby boy. I was really happy to be surprised like that for the day of to have our boy because it ended up feeling a little bit more like I was actually in labor….caught off guard and elated beyond belief that that would be THE day.

So we rushed around the house packing last minute things after TJ flew home from work, resumed a “normal” last morning with Sadie and were at the hospital checking in by 3:00 pm.

Getting prepped for surgery should have been a cake walk, but we found out my blood work from 3 weeks prior showed I was severely anemic and hadn’t been treated for it. This meant if my levels were still the same or worse, I could need a blood transfusion during surgery. Not good. So they took my blood again, rushed it to the lab, and luckily it came back a little better to put me out of the woods.

But then the nurse tried putting the IV in. Twice. Then the other nurse did. Twice. Then the blood lab guy tried. Twice. And finally the anesthesiologist tried. And failed. Failed again. And then finally got it. Lets just say that being a human pin cushion while waiting for important blood results to be able to go under the knife is not the best feeling.

I cried.

Like a newborn baby.

Once I was squared away, TJ got into scrubs and we went in for the C-section. With music on in the background, it was fast, it was easy, and it was so good.

When they pulled Jonah out , the took the curtain down so I could watch him enter the world. He was so handsome and everything I had envisioned.

His cry made my heart so full.TJ got to cut the cord, after it stopped pulsating like we wanted.Recovery this time around has been a breeze compared to Sadie’s birth. Jonah has been doing great despite having to go under bili lights for 24 hours due to him having a hard time with being incompatible with my blood type.TJ and I actually enjoyed our stay in post pardum. We saw Sadie every night and she left with her Nana & Papa as happy as could be. TJ and I treated the rest of the time with Jonah like a vacation. Great nurses waiting on our every need, cable TV, good snacks, and quality time together. I left the hospital actually feeling refreshed.Our Jonah loves to cuddle, breastfeed, and sleep…and poop. And we couldn’t be any more in love than we are right now.

Welcome to the world Jonah Dylan.


9 thoughts on “Jonah’s Birth Story

    • Thank you Heather! I miss your blog (and having the honor to contribute)…hope you and your family enjoy the holidays together!


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