Daddy at Home

We’ve had it so good with TJ being off work since Jonah’s birth day on October 12. He’s made breakfast for us each morning since we came home from the hospital, done a million loads of laundry, all the cleaning, taking both kids so I could sleep and recover, ran all the play activities of the day, and really made for an easy transition for Sadie accepting a “foreign” person into her little world.

He has to go back to work tomorrow and I have been dreading it like we used to dread him returning to college in Texas back when we were dating long distance. You know the date of departure is coming and tears instantly well up without a moment passing.

I love having him home to keep me company and I honestly have no idea how I am going to navigate productive days on my own with two littles and all their demands (especially when we are in the thick of a massive growth spurt and I am nursing almost every hour).

I know eventually I will find my new routine and get into a groove, but I also know that to get there will take time and many failed attempts that simply end in some not so great days where I question my ability as a Mom.

Anyhow, I’m so thankful that we saved all that vacation time for this season in our lives as a family so we could relax together and make memories with the four of us.

A personal favorite memory was one morning where we took a family walk around the neighborhood, and then came home and painted a pumpkin together. It was the simplicity of the things we did to fill our days together that was so wonderful…And there were also plenty of mornings where we all just got to lay in bed and snuggle…


3 thoughts on “Daddy at Home

  1. Jessie, you and TJ’s children are so beautiful. I can’t imagine they joys you must be experiencing of being a mom of two and the moments of overwhelming are sure to set in. Remember that the Lord wants to hang out with you and those kiddos each day and that He can offer you the encouragement you need when things feel out of hand. I’ll be praying for you in your transition time. Love you friend! ~Jess

  2. What a sweet family you have, Jess! Your babies are wonderfully precious 🙂 You’re doing great! Give yourself TONS of grace to have a messy house, laundry that will eventually get done, and lots of take out/frozen food meals. You will find your routine, but it will take time, and in the long run, all that matters are the people in your home…here’s to more snuggle mornings in bed and long days in PJs!!

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