Timing is Everything

If you follow my blog, you may recall my post on having low expectations. I challenged myself to not put God in a box and begin to expect greater and bigger things for Him to accomplish in my life and in the life of my family.

So I prayed head on for God to revolutionize our finances. I prayed specifically for this area because it is an area of our life that we feel we are very faithful in, yet always feel stunted and limited. Limited in being able to make family memories that couldn’t be funded, providing more basic necessities right away rather than waiting to get them accomplished, and being able to bless others.

God answered my prayers, and then some.

TJ was approached and decided to be faithful to walk through open doors. He blessed TJ with a new job that will enable us to accomplish all of those things I mentioned above, and he will be down the street from our home instead of his regular hour and a half per day on the road. This job will also be enabling him to have more upward mobility than his previous to further the blessings that much more.

It hit me one day as this job became a reality that God really does exceed my expectations in such ironic ways. When we were pregnant with Sadie, we were so hard pressed to find anything, let alone get an interview for over 10 months.

This time, while pregnant with Jonah, TJ was approached while having a perfectly comfortable job that we were already thankful for but chose to do more.

The timing God chooses is something I never will understand, but it gives me new perspective to not only stop limiting God in ways He can move, but to also trust that much for for Him to provide for all our needs as we need them.

It’s a wonderful feeling to see the hand of God at work in the intricacies of your life.


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