Jonah Dylan: 2 Months

Our Jonah is having no problems growing quickly!

Weight: 13 pounds 10 ounces (91 percentile)

Height: 24 inches (94 percentile)

We’ve learned some likes and dislikes…


  • Being held upright, over your shoulder, while patting his bottom, while slightly bouncing, while swaying from side to side.
  • Cuddling. This is when he is happiest.
  • Sleeping sideways with his head to the side and jammed up against the co-sleeper.
  • Night. He is regularly sleeping through the night except for one waking between 3:00-4:00 am for a quick feeding and then goes right back to sleep. THANK YOU JONAH!
  • Daddy. He loves his Mama, but the second Daddy is around he is so happy and excited that he can’t contain it!
  • Tummy time. He really does well with it!


  • The car seat. This is how we first found out that he had found his voice. If he’s asleep, the car seat is no problem. But if he is awake, he’ll last about 5 minutes before the screaming starts in. For a couple days he would only scream if you slowed down to somewhere under 30 mph. Now he just screams. Sadie either stares at him like she’s perplexed by his fit or repeats in competition with his volume by telling us, “Jonah is loud.”
  • The sunset. Not quite sure why yet, but it seems like as soon as the sun goes down, he becomes a little more fussy and needs to be held 100% of the time. He stays awake so long at this point that he becomes overtired and is difficult to get to sleep, but once he does, he’s out cold!

And…he’s full of smiles!

2 thoughts on “Jonah Dylan: 2 Months

  1. Your Jonah is wonderful! My son Micah also doesn’t like the carseat. He used to cry everytime we hit a red light, so we try to slow down so we don’t have to come to a full stop. Congratulations on your new baby! I’m loving your posts, and will continue reading.

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