Jonah-3 Months

This boy has melted our hearts and worn out our arms this past month!


  • He’s ticklish. If you rub your nose and kiss him on the bottom of his ribs, you’ll get belly laughs.
  • Bath time. Put the boy in water and he starts his kickin’.
  • Watching Sadie play. Every time she’s around him, he gets a curious look on his face and is completely fixated.
  • Girls. He loves Daddy like nobody else, but he also does this cute open mouth smile with a thrown back head tilted to the side for the ladies.
  • His fist in his mouth. He won’t take a pacifier, but he tries to stick his entire fist in his mouth so he can drool all over himself. Teething so soon?! I think so.
  • Diaper changes. He always starts in with the smiles when he gets a new diaper.
  • Open mouth kisses. He opens his mouth wide and finds your cheek and lays on the slobber!
  • Mornings. Most mornings he wakes up before me, I roll over in a daze and see this little man grinning from ear to ear grunting at me. Not a bad way to start any day.


  • Car seat. We are still screaming a good part of the time in the car. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and no amount of toys dangling for him to look at or persuasiveness on Sadie’s part to be quiet help him. He gets himself so worked up that by the time we get to our destination he has wet clothes from sweating and has scratched himself on the face. So maybe putting him in naked and with gloves on would be a good idea!
  • Not being worn. The boy is going through a phase (please remind me this is a phase) where he wants to be held when he sleeps. He prefers to hear a heartbeat and for you not to be sitting down. Most of the time if you put him down in the other room and leave to go do something, he senses it and wakes up within 10 minutes. This just means we will have buff arms and can easily finish a full marathon by the time he learns how to walk.
  • His eczema. It seems to be getting worse than the previous weeks, so I’m officially cutting out dairy to see if it helps him any. We can tell it bothers him and it probably contributing to the increased fussiness he’s had. Of course, going dairy-free probably will because it’s just my kinda luck!

Milestones to note:

  • Great head control.
  • Starting to grasp for things.
  • Rolls over from tummy to back and more recently back to tummy.
  • Can sit up assisted for short intervals.
  • Sleeping through the night with a waking around 3:00 am to eat and then every couple days has a rougher night for reasons we haven’t figured out yet.

One thought on “Jonah-3 Months

  1. I Love those 2 Babies With All my Heart,,,, They are MY grandbabies,,,,& They Are My Everything !!!!!!!! & I Can not Wait To See Them This Week,,,,, I Miss Those Babies Something Terrible!!!!!!

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