Elimination Diet Update for Jonah

The elimination dietis working! Just two weeks ago, I had a screaming, not sleeping, in constant pain baby. Making the decision to eliminate the top 8 food allergens was the perfect choice of treatment and now Jonah is sleeping, more content, and healing slowly from the inside out.

Just check out this before picture followed by a picture just a week later…

More and more I am appreciating how God designed our bodies to intake food. It’s certainly meant for enjoyment, but it’s so much more than that. If used correctly it fuels and heals our bodies from the inside out and truly sustains us. It’s a tangible gift of God’s provision to use at our discretion. What a humbling thought, huh?! Doesn’t make me want to go eat a Whopper any time soon, that’s for sure.

In fact, I am actually loving how this elimination diet is treating me too. I eat and am satisfied. If you’re a nursing Mama, you know to eat and actually feel satisfied is rare. Especially if your baby eats like my Jonah!

This is a typical day in case you’re worried I’m nibbling on lettuce:

Breakfast: Juicing Project/Steel cut oatmeal or coconut milk yogurt with nut-free granola

Lunch: Sunbutter sandwich on Rudi’s bread or a quesadilla made with corn tortillas and Daiya cheese & veggie chips

Dinner: Tonight, for example, was some drop dead amazing vegan lentil tacos and a salad. Even TJ loved these so much that they will be making many more appearances on the menu since they are “Jessie-friendly” and dirt cheap to make.

Desert: Coconut milk ice cream. Yum.

As you can guess, we’re going to keep this thing going!

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