Jonah- 4 Months Old

Jonah has come into his own this past month! He has such a happy disposition and is a serious flirt with the ladies. Picture Joey from the show Friends doing his “How you doin’?” line with the head throw back. That is Jonah when he meets a smiling, doting woman. It’s like you see him and think he’s such a lovely baby and then see that head throw back with that Jonah smile and you immediately get sucked into the vortex that melts your heart. He certainly caught mine.

I love this little man.


  • Laughing with Sadie. She does her elephant sound and he giggles away. They can go back and forth long enough for TJ and I to eat our dinner in peace.
  • Rolling over. The boy won’t stay on his back for anything anymore. Diaper changes have become a safety hazard and a real challenge to actually get the diaper on without partaking in an involuntary wrestling match.
  • Mornings. He is so giddy and talkative in the mornings.
  • Kicking. He kicks and pumps that right leg with so much determination!
  • Balloons. Sadie’s Nana B bought her a Mickey Mouse balloon at the mall and he’s enamored with it being bopped in his face.
  • Chewing his fist. The whole fist. Until the whole fist gags him and then he repeats.
  • Rough housing. He won’t do it for Mama, but when Daddy comes home and messes with him and tickles him, he lights up and laughs away.


  • Car seat. We’re getting better, but we are by no means healed of the trauma of the car seat.
  • Being in one place for too long. After just a few minutes somewhere, he gets bored and is ready to move on. No matter how much he likes what he’s doing, he is a man on the move.
  • Sneezing. When TJ sneezes, it startles him and makes him cry. It’s ok, because I do the same thing. Haha!
  • The vacuum. Has the same effect of the aforementioned sneeze.


  • Grasping desired objects. Especially Mommy’s hair.
  • Rolling like a mad man.
  • Sit unassisted for a couple moments at a time.
  • Right on track with language development. He’s loud too.

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