Land of the Living

Well folks, after a long week, we got over the flu alive.

Sadie escaped a stay in the hospital despite a hefty weight loss for her petite stature for dehydration by the skin of her teeth, our little Jonah kept eating despite some lovely explosive diarrhea, and I managed to keep my milk supply and lose 6  pounds  (in two days) all at the same time while fighting a high fever.

And you will be happy to know I somewhat got over my complex about letting a baby watch TV just once before age 2. It’s needed for survival when you’re sick. Survival. Survival. Survival. I’m just now starting to feel guilt-ridden about it again. That’s good for me!

TJ is pretty much the most amazing husband, Daddy, nurse, and still full-time job worker in the world.

This pretty much sums up what our week looked like minus the volumes of projectile vomit and a picture of me that I will of course spare you from looking at. I’m just that nice.

In an effort to eat something with caloric value in my haze I opted for a couple slices of toast that weren’t gluten-free and woke up to a boy who was completely broken out. Bad news is it’s taking forever to work out of his system and it’s painful for him. The good news is that the Elimination Diet is in fact working and wheat is definitely a major culprit. Hopefully the only culprit. Poor baby.


2 thoughts on “Land of the Living

  1. One: so glad you guys are among the living now. That flu was no joke!!! Two: that is great that the elimination diet is working! You are an awesome momma! Hoping Jonah feels better once you get al of that yucky wheat out of him. It hurts my heart to see him like that!!

    P.s umm so I think you and I are pretty close to each other. When I am healthy again….playdate?

  2. Glad to hear you and your family are over the
    Flu, we are still battling it over here, with our little girl as the last one to catch it.
    It’s been a bad one, hope you and your little
    Ones stay healthy for a long while.


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