Beating the Blues

It’s been a wee bit too cloudy…okay…partly cloudy for me here in Southern California and to be honest, I’ve been dealing head on with a mild case of postpartum depression that is making it’s exit, so the blues have been somewhat familiar to me more recently than I’d like.

Quite honestly, I think we all have different phases and seasons that make us wake up not as ready to tackle the day as we normally do. It doesn’t even have to be a death, loss of employment, or any special circumstance. Sometimes you’re just a wee bit off kilter and can’t put your finger on it.

That’s okay as long as you are prepared with active ways to beat those blues.

  • Go outside. I don’t know what it is, but if you simply go outside for even a little while, you come back inside with a different perspective. Can’t get that far? Don’t want to get out of your PJ’s? Then at least get out of bed. Or get up and go to another room for different scenery.
  • Do something you enjoy. I enjoy reading and walking where there are limited amounts of people so I feel like I don’t live in such a populated area. So I load the kids in my double jogging stroller and hit different hiking/walking spots , especially on the ocean (one of my favorite spots pictured above).
  • Get supported. Let someone you love, love on you. Get counseling. We all need it even when we think we don’t. In fact, if you think you don’t, you really do. Grab coffee with a friend. Call a special person who will make you laugh. Reach out when you’re hitting a wall.
  • Delegate. It’s okay to admit you can’t handle certain things at certain times. So give tasks to other people to help you through a rough patch.
  • Have a good chuckle. So often we can get bogged down in feeling down that we literally get stuck there as if your legs were stagnant in the mud. Choose intentionally to just let loose and laugh every once and a while. Don’t take everything or everyone so seriously. Sometimes even when problems you are facing seem insurmountable, you just have to step back and laugh because there’s really nothing in your control. It allows you to breathe and it’s okay.
  • Get rest. Sleeping is crucial to our mood. Even if it means you don’t catch your favorite show or you lose an hour mindlessly roaming online, your demeanor in the morning as a result will be much better off.
  • Eat right. Food is medicine.
  • Find an outlet. I joined a Beachbody Fitness Challenge with a friend from high school as my personal coach. Working out balances me. It holds me accountable. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile at the end of the day that I can be proud of.

Feel better? I do!


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