My House

Let’s let the doors fling wide. Let’s just get it straight. Get it clear. Get it out in the open so there are no secrets.

This is my home.

I know what you’re thinking…

It’s small.Yes, it is.

It’s blue. It’s Old Towne and we didn’t pick the paint, but it grows on you.

How can you live there with four of you?! We just do.

Aren’t you planning on moving with your family growing?! We plan on moving when God closes this chapter and clearly opens another.

But where is Jonah going to sleep?! In his bed just like the rest of us.

Is it even 1,000 square feet? Probably not.

I have grown increasingly unsettled with the over-arching sense of entitlement we, as Americans have in our daily lives to the point where it’s making me unnerved enough to sit down and examine my own life to re-focus my priorities.

Most may look at my home and think it’s too small, too old, too whatever. What I have to say to all the naysayers is the following:

It is also the home Sadie went from crawling to walking, to running in.

It is the home that Jonah came from from the hospital in.

It is the home where we have paid down thousands of dollars in debt.

It is the home where we share family dinners every night in.

It is the home that is always open to someone in need.

It is the home where we wrestle together on the floor.

It is the home where we run in circles around on the hardwood floors.

Where we treat our backyard like another room.

Where we open the windows first thing in the morning to let Yeshua’s (Jesus’) light in just like Nana Shara liked to do.

Where we bake our cookies while we make a mess on the floor.

Where we paint on the sidewalk with water.

Where we read our books on the couch.

Where we rock to sleep a crying baby on the porch swing.

Where the dishes wait, the laundry grows, and the floors collect dust so we can play some more games.

Where we laugh and cry after the sun rises and before the sun sets.

Where my husband comes after a long day at work for respite.

Where I savor the easier days and cling to God on the harder days.

Where Sadie and Jonah are learning to laugh and love one another for the rest of their lives.

This is my home. Where we live. Really live. It’s not about how many bedrooms I have, or the square footage, or the designer labels. It’s about raising my family within the confines of these walls to love the Lord and all He has given us because He really has given us everything we could ever ask for.

So stop asking and start thinking about what you have in your home. And I’m not talking about the granite counter tops or the neutral carpet or the crown molding on your walls.

I hope you’re lucky enough to say your home looks just like mine.


9 thoughts on “My House

  1. LOVE this! exactly how u should view your home and its how i view ours! your home is the most adorable and I love it!! Keep up making memories and counting your blessings and keep making it a HOME!

  2. Love. This. Post. Amen. My family lives in a small two bedroom apartment. We have a roof, food, laughter, love and a lot of fun where we live. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for what God has given me, and that it doesn’t have to be a huge home in order to be called home.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the humble reminder. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out.

    P.S. I think your house is beyond adorable!

  4. Hey there! I don’t know you personally, but I know a lot of Calvary folk and someone’s blog I read quite often linked to yours one day and I have been a stalker ever since 😉 I just HAD to comment on this post because like you, we are a 4 person family living in a small 1920’s house. My kids, a girl and boy ages almost 11 and 7 still SHARE a room! I know…SHARE a room….call the cops!!!! We homeschool and are very health conscious because of certain early on eczema and food sensitivities. Here’s what I really wanted to say though: when I think about our small, quaint home and I think about the countless hours of me hand washing dishes all day long because Lord knows we can’t fit a dishwasher into our tiny kitchen, our tile from the 1920’s gets a little moldy because the grout is old and dated, the tub needs resealed, the windows have sticks propping them open because the old cords have been snapped etc etc etc I stop myself and think…wow!!! wow!!! we are SO blessed to have this home. To have a safe place to fall. To have a roof over our head. To have educational toys to entertain us and play with. To have each other! To cook delicious meals. And guess what….30 years from now our kids are not going to grow up and thank us for having those amazing granite countertops or perfect hard wood floors, or 10 bedrooms to fill with stuff….they will thank us for making our house feel like a home, for fostering our relationships and for loving them unconditionally. (At least those are my hopes, prayers and dreams!) So keep on living and making your home, your home. Let the kids bounce (to a certain degree) on the couches and hang up their “artwork” on those walls. You will save yourself money, sanity and the sense of knowing that your focus was on what really matters in life. Ahh! I can sleep now. Thank you for your post. I loved it and needed the gentle, yet firm reminder.

    • Heather- thank you for posting your comment and for bringing it home! TJ and I remind each other often that the kids have no clue our house is a small one. They probably think its huge. But we know that they know we are there and that IS what matters! Hope to meet you in person at Calvary soon! ;0)

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