Jonah-5 Months


Our little boy is not so little. In fact, he’s our chunka chunka, chunky monkey, tank (named by Nana B and Poppi), Moose (named by Uncle Matt), hunka chunka, big boy, little big man….you can certainly get the idea. He’s weighing in at 18.2 pounds!!! He’s a mere 10 pounds away from Sadie! Mommy doesn’t have good milk, she has good heavy cream!


  • Kisses
  • Girls
  • Being held
  • Rolling around
  • Being outside
  • Eye contact
  • Pinching
  • Watching Sadie jump
  • “Playing” with Daddy at 4:00 am
  • Sleeping in his crib for naps
  • His car seat (finally)!


  • Being left alone in a room during play time
  • Watching us eat real food because he wants it for himself

We are entering an age with Jonah where we are really starting to see his personality start to blossom and I am loving it. He is a sweet, flexible, cuddly boy who LOVES to rough-house. He is really calm and quiet unless it is first thing in the morning when he talks non-stop with a burst of energy or if he decides he’s up for a good giggle. He has a really sweet, playful demeanor to him that I just love.




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