Allergy Update-The Results are Finally In

It’s a good thing I went on my Elimination Diet for Jonah because the allergy tests results are in and our boy has plenty of foods to avoid. Much like when I was growing up, and how Sadie seems to be, the hope is that Jonah will phase out the majority of these allergies as he grows older since most of them aren’t too severe. But for his age now, these are definite allergies for our guy.

In order from greatest to least:

1. Peanuts…lifelong allergy (Okay with us since we already avoid them like the plague with Sadie)

2. Wheat

3. Milk

4. Eggs

Lucky for me, his egg allergy was the least concerning to our allergist because egg is in everything! He advised me, and Jonah when he starts eating solids, to stay away from scrambled/fried egg dishes but to experiment with baked breads/goods (sans wheat) because we might be able to get away with it with little to no detectable reaction due to the cooking process killing off the allergen he is susceptible to.

The plan as of now is to avoid these foods while I’m nursing and while Jonah begins eating himself and we will re-visit testing in increments as he grows older in these first few years to see how he tolerates each one.

It’s nice to have everything on paper, have validation that I did do right for Jonah in stopping everything in my diet for his sake, and to have a confident map on where to go from here. I learned a great lesson as a Mom in going with my gut!


4 thoughts on “Allergy Update-The Results are Finally In

  1. I know what you’re going through ; nuts – of all kinds – have always been something I need to avoid. Good luck and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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