Food Revelation

We were trying to hold out to 6 months to introduce solids to Jonah. This boy can pack on the pounds with just nursing, so the idea of him eating actual food didn’t have us in any hurry for our food budget to be tightened!

But this boy has been watching us eating very intently for a month. He’s been chomping his gums when we chew. He’s been grabbing for anything on the table he can get his hands on. And he’s been crying when we sit him in the high chair to be with us while we all eat and he has nothing but his useless toys that have no flavor!

Yesterday, just a wee 11 days shy of 6 months old, was his special day.

I picked the perfect organic sweet potato, cooked it, added some breast milk and let the big boy go to town.

To say he was a happy camper for the rest of the day would be an understatement…


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