Menu Plan

I love the warmer weather here in Southern California because eating huge salads with dinner sound so refreshing and energizing this time of year. Luckily we have 9 heads of romaine, red leaf, and oak leaf lettuce growing in our garden to pay for our insatiable appetite for good side salads! We usually load up on  crumbled goat cheese, dried cranberries or cherries, slivered almonds (for TJ) and a simple homemade vinaigrette straight out of a mason jar. Perfection.

Here’s what we’re eating (besides salad):

1. Southwestern Stuffed Peppers & Salad

2. Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sammies & Salad (GF bread for Mama)

3. Balsamic Seared Salmon, Brown Rice & Roasted Asparagus

4. Cilantro  Lime Chicken Tacos, Sweet Corn & Black Beans

5. GF Hot Sausage, Sweet Pepper Pizzas with Nutritional Yeast Pesto (no nuts) & Salad

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