How Soon We Forget

With two kids it is so easy to be on auto-pilot. You can be rushed and feel the pressure looming by all the demands of keeping everyone happy, fed, clean, and cared for that you can completely miss what is really happening. You can miss the very reality that your kids grow oh, so fast.

I long to remember Jonah where he is right now and how quickly he has grown up already before my eyes.

I already miss his floppy body nestled on my chest, matching my breathing, content to sleep in the same position for hours on end.

I miss his eye gaze unfocused until he found me and a crooked little half smile would instantly appear.

I want to remember the way he reaches his arm out for your face so he can give you a hug when you get close.

I want to remember how his little cloth diapered bum sticks straight up in the air when he has found his sweet spot sleeping.

I want to never forget how he pumps his arms and legs with so much excitement just before we open Sadie’s door to say good morning together while I’m holding him.

Or how I tell him to say, “Mama” and he smiles and proudly says, “Dada” like he’s conquered the world.

I never want to forget his gibber jabber as he busily plays with his toys by reaching with one hand, examines it with the other and then stuffs as much of it as he can into his mouth for a taste.

Or how I roll over in the morning to find him up on all fours in his co-sleeper just waiting to make eye contact with me so he can start squawking away about who knows what.

I never want to forget the way he rubs his eyes when he is exhausted.

Or how he has to scratch his ear and rub his head while he nurses to self-soothe.

He’s only been with us for these seven short months, but already there is so much we have learned about him and love him for. Things that make him uniquely our Jonah. They are things I never ever want to forget because I am so lucky to have experienced them.


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