Family Vacation

TJ took time off from work so we had 10 glorious days as a family together. We did a stay-cation for the first half playing around at home in the backyard, taking walks at the beach with Nana and Papa, and exploring Temecula wine country with a little bit of hypothetical house hunting.

And then we took off for 5 days and met up with TJ’s parents, sister, and finally got to meet our happy little 17 month old niece on Coronado Island in San Diego.

We walked the beach, took a professional family photo shoot, let Jonah swim in the pool for the first time, and let the kids explore the amazing fun at Sea World for the first time.

Jonah was a huge fan of the sharks.

Sadie loved the penguins because they like ice just like her.

And we all were mesmerized by Shamu.

Luckily, Sea World is running a deal and we get to go back to Sea World as often as we’d like for the rest of 2012! Thanks Nana B and Poppi!!!

The kids were great little travelers and despite being downright worn out from being off their normal routine quite a bit, they hung in there. Literally.


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