Jonah Dylan- 8 Months Old

We just keep falling more and more in love with this boy the bigger, and I mean bigger he gets!


  • Sadie. He squawks for her in the morning. He laughs at her dancing and jumping in front of him. He watches her every move in and out of rooms. He pumps his arms and legs and squeals with delight when he enters the same room that she’s in.
  • Bouncing. He loves to stand up with you holding him and bounce away.
  • Eating. Nursing and we’re finally making headway with food!
  • Smiles. Especially when he locks eyes with the women. He’s a major flirt and I admit I fall into his spell easily. Watch out.
  • His crib. Since switching from his co-sleeper to his crib we have noticed how quickly he falls asleep and how deeply he sleeps. We thought we would be in for major sleep training with him being older when he moved out of co-sleeping with us at night, but he’s been a champ going to sleep on his own even when he’s put down for naps. Good boy!


  • Getting dressed/undressed. The minute you touch his hands to pull them through an arm sleeve, he screams!
  • Getting strapped into the car seat. Once again, we have to pull his arms and hands through the seat belt and he goes nuts. Once he’s in, he’s a happy camper though.
  • Watching you leave a room. Still dealing with separation anxiety, though not as bad.


  • Crawling. It ain’t pretty, but he gets the job done and gets to where he wants to go as of this week!
  • Pulling up to standing. In his crib and at the coffee table as of this week too!
  • Snuggling. He reached his arm out to you when he wants a hug and plants his face into yours when he needs some kisses. I love it!!!
  • Eating limited finger foods in addition to purees.
  • 4 teeth (2 top coming in right now).

Way to grow Jonah D! We’re so proud of you and the big boy you are becoming day by day!


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