A Breath of Fresh Air

My mom

Since I live so close to the ocean, you would think it’s not really anything special because it is somewhat of an everyday occurrence. But there is something about getting out of the car and taking my first breath. There is a reminiscence when my lungs are filled with the salty air and the breeze of sand hitting my skin warmed by the sun. There is something so familiar and comforting when my feet hit the sand, warm on my toes as I walk.

I often take at least a few moments to look as far as I can into that horizon where the sky and the water meet in the distance and wonder how a person can look at that creativity in nature and that indescribable beauty and not see God’s hand in it. I always meet God in that moment.

Few moments take me that close to God that quickly.

As I think back on my Mom’s last breaths on this earth 9 years ago today and walking out of the hospital to breath in the salt of the ocean air, I will be grateful that I get another day to live a life like hers.

I’m not drowning on that vast ocean floor in despair any longer, or mourning all that I have lost.

I just breathe in the air. In and out.

To know my mom more, click here or here.



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