$33 Grocery Challenge

ImageThis is exactly the type of personal challenge I have been craving to do for a while now. It beautifully blends together a couple of pieces of my personal passions into one cohesive, tangible and practical thing I can do to improve myself and the lives of my family members all at one time. I AM EXCITED!

Rory Freedmanis, co-author of a book called Skinny B**** (sorry for the expletive, but it is an awesome book that got me hooked on thinking about the way I eat) challenged herself to $33 for a week of groceries. To read the entire article, click here.To some, that may seem impossible. I mean, some people pay $33 for a plate of fish at a fancy restaurant without thinking about it.

The catch was, she $33 spent on VEGAN groceries to prove that those on low incomes and on Stamps could in fact buy healthfully for themselves to avoid the high rates of diabetes you find in low income populations.

There is a strong notion that healthy food is more expensive. And while it may be easy to go over a budget buying produce (guilty), if you are smart with how you use your money by shopping sales, buying large volumes of cheaper items and avoid processed and specialty items, it is doable!

You don’t have to be on food stamps and struggling financially to do something like this. Regardless of where you stand financially at this moment, there is always a better way money can be spent (or not spent). Personally, after spending $33 on groceries for the week we will be putting the rest into our Emergency Fund.

So there you have it, I will be putting my frugal shopping know-how, my love of veggie eating, and menu planning to the test next week.

I challenge you to take the week and think about joining me! Take 7 days to think about what you eat and how it affects your body, how you choose to spend your money God has blessed you with, and do something good! Maybe use the leftover money in your grocery budget to give to a ministry, bless a friend…the possibilities are endless.

I’ll be posting frugal tips and my menu plan for next week for the next couple of days!


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