$33 Grocery Challenge Tip: Drink Water

Okay, everyone hold your breath. I’m going to tell you to say no to yourself. That’s right. Deny yourself.

In order to save money at the register, you have to be willing to pick and choose from your wants and your needs.

You may want to buy that bottle of soda, but the reality is that you only need to drink water. With exception of buying Sadie apple juice every couple weeks (we highly dilute it to make it last longer) and rice milk for cereals/protein shakes, or the occasional bottle of wine for letting loose every now and then, this is all you will find in our home. The best part is that it’s either free or extremely inexpensive.

The same rule applies for eating out. When you get food at a restaurant, challenge yourself to only drink water. Many restaurants have soda water so you can still get your fizz kick craving out of the way for free. Add some lemon or orange and now we’re talking major indulgence, right?!

In our own house we invested in 4 3-gallon bottles and found a good, verified water source that changes their filters on a weekly basis for .25 cents a gallon. We refill a jar to keep in the fridge and refill our own bottles or glasses throughout the day.

The great thing about water is that it’s healthy and there are so many creative ways to spruce it up. Check out the five reasons to drink lemon water. Or make yourself some sun tea in this warmer weather. Stick some fruit or herbs in and you’ll be on your way to saving yourself some cash.

Stay tuned for more ideas to only spend $33 on your groceries next week with me!


2 thoughts on “$33 Grocery Challenge Tip: Drink Water

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