$33 Challenge Tip: Weigh In!!!

It’s not very often that you use a scale and actually want it to weigh as much as you can tweak out of it. My Dad has this running joke that he gets on the scale and it reads, “Come back when you’re alone.” The man is totally fit though. He’s just a loud, funny Brooklyn boy.

In all seriousness, I read this somewhere a long while back and it really revolutionized how I shopped for my fruits and veggies.

Weigh your produce. Those shiny, lonely scales equate to your hard earned pennies, people!!!

Just because there is a 5 pound bag of potatoes on sale doesn’t mean that every bag is really 5 pounds. Same thing goes for those clam shells full of those juicy berries. Or even for the bunched up herbs like parsley and cilantro.

Produce in these scenarios can actually vary by as much as a half a pound in my own experience! Half a pound!

I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure I’m getting as much nutrient dense food I can afford into the mouths of my family.

Why get less when you can get more for the price you are already paying?!

So grab a couple bags of onions, potatoes, berries, lemons, etc. and compare some poundage before you plop it in your cart so you know what you’re paying for.

For info on my personal $33 Challenge, read here and join in!


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