Summer Lovin’

Can I just say that I love watching my kids play at the beach? I do. I love, love, love.

Jonah sits in the middle of a big blanket in a Bumbo seat because the little guy cannot be trusted to wiggle around in the sand without putting fist fulls of it in his mouth. He stares and grunts at the crashing waves from his seat, pumping his arms and legs in excitement. That is, until I try and put a hat on the man. If you know my Jonah, you know he HATES things touching his head. Much like he hates you handling his arms putting him in and out of clothes. That boy.

Sadie runs in the waves with no fear. She dances and splashes and talks to all the fish. Her favorite is to destroy any sand castle made by another person or fill up any hole that was dug before. She’s a work in progress.



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