Jonah Dylan-9 Months Old

Well…we already knew Jonah was a cuddler. He’s affectionate, huggable, kissable, and loves to snuggle.

But in the past month we have figured out another faucet to his personality.


That’s right. He puts his head into the broiler, scrapes his hands up and down the heater, crawls up trying to get into the bathtub, tries to get in the toilet, plays in the trashcan, moves Sadie’s toilet, and puts his head in the cupboards yanking out every piece of Tupperware.

He’s a rough-housing, likes to get dirty, knows when he’s doing something wrong and does it anyways boy.

This is a far cry from our Sadie who we never baby-proofed our house for because she simply wasn’t interested in exploring like he does.

Although we feel like we are on suicide watch with a baby who thinks he is way more independent than he actually is, we couldn’t be more thrilled with how exuberant and full of life he is.

Notable Events & Milestones:

  • 20.12 pounds
  • Crawling
  • Pulling up to standing
  • Points & waves
  • Loves singing “I” to “I like Bananas” song
  • Says beginning /s/ sound when he sees and points to a picture of Sadie in their room
  • Found out the hard way just how sensitive he is to dairy when I tested him out with yogurt. (Often times people who can’t tolerate dairy do fine with yogurt because of lactose). We know now that lactose isn’t the issue for Jonah…it’s the casein. After ingesting just 1 ounce, he immediately had a severe anaphylactic reaction very similar to how Sadie is with peanuts.
  • Doesn’t like pureed food, but gags himself on most table foods. Silly boy.

One thought on “Jonah Dylan-9 Months Old

  1. I think you meant “facet” to his personality. His faucet is something else that neither you nor he have control over yet:) He’s a good little guy!

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