What Nobody Says

So often you read blogs and it looks like these people have the perfect kids, the perfect house, the perfect dog with the perfect white fence.


The past two days have been filled with a screaming, crying, refusing to nurse, not sleeping,banging his head against anything out of frustration teething x2 baby boy with a hyper-emotional, needy, lacking independence, not listening and obeying all that well little girl.

Hear me out. I love my kiddos with a fierce love. They are my heart.

But days like this with little to no reprieve while all the regular demands of life still sit idle waiting for attention make me want to lose my mind.

Just saying it like it is.

Some days are beautiful. Some are ugly.

Now I will go do some praying, drink some coffee, sit in silence and hope for a miraculous turn around.

Can I get a high-five from all the Mama readers?!


4 thoughts on “What Nobody Says

  1. HIGH FIVE!!! Seriously. High five.
    There are some days where I have to ask myself what I did all day…because it was a blur of just *responding,* and all my goodly plans were lain aside.

  2. You can do it! Tomorrow is a new day, full of new challenges, and more grace. It makes you stronger then those other mamas…
    And I’m hoping your not talking about my *perfect* life… cause if you look real close, my white picket fence is rather dirty, the dog is outside eating trash, Silas just peed off the back steps, and Isaac has been pretty grumpy himself. 😉

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