Don’t Be Cruel

I don’t care what anybody says. Unless you have a personal chef, a personal trainer, a full time Nanny waiting for your baby to pop out, and nothing to use up hours in your day, losing pregnancy weight is no joke.

But our society tends to think that as soon as you have that baby, you should wake up the next morning with a miraculously recovered body.

Sorry to disappoint, but…um…you’ve got to be kidding me.

Examples? Sure. I’ve got them. More than one. But I’ll spare you. Maybe not.

Let’s just dive in and sulk for a moment…

How about the time a month after I had Jonah (4 weeks post surgery). One of my very first walks around the block on my own with the littles in tow in our double jogger. A woman from across the street takes the time to yell to me, “Don’t you think it’s a little soon?!” In confusion I respond, “For what?” She replies, “To be popping out a third baby.”

I guess she didn’t get the memo that it takes TIME for a uterus to shrink down to it’s normal size after growing a HUMAN BEING!

Crazily inaccurate? Yes.

Still sting me to my core? Of course.

It’s a constant battle to feel confident in my own skin as I get to where I envision myself. It’s a swim upstream against a strong current of society shouting perfectionism at all costs when I live with the visible scars of birthing two children and getting my body back to its normal and better. It’s a wrestling match to stay content and be patient.

And then an interesting thing happened…

Our house has a mirror in the bathroom, but it’s mounted for people who are tall.

Too bad I’m not. I can see my head.

That is, if I have my glasses on.

Where are those things?!

The other mirror is a tall one I bought at some discount store my Freshman year of college. It’s very blurry and is mounted in the back of our closet that has no light.

I barely, vaguely see myself on a day to day basis.

But just this week, I ran into my Dad’s house on our way to the beach to grab an umbrella for the kids he had and ran to the bathroom. As I walked in, I caught myself in the mirror and did a double-take. And then I just had to take a picture. That NEVER happens.

I have given LIFE to two healthy, beautiful babies with this body! And although it’s not quite where I want to be (yet), I’m looking GOOD!

41 pounds GONE and counting, good!

By nobody’s standards but my own, good!

******Lesson of the day: don’t be cruel. To others or to yourself.******

Talk to me if you want to join with me in my next fitness challenge and we can keep going together.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Cruel

  1. Jess …You Are It Hon..& You look Amazing …..I am soooooo proud of you & Love you so much!!!!!! “YOU GO GIRL”

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