Menu Plan

Grocery shopping has become really predictable in the past couple of months since TJ and I began P90X. We always ate pretty clean, but we have tightened the reigns in the house and are being very good to our bodies as we are transforming through our workouts. Basically, if it came from a box, we’re not eating it.  We know it’s crucial to eat as clean as we can so we have the energy to get through Tony Horton’s daily abuse! Sure, we have our meals every now and then where we can let loose and splurge, but for the majority of the time, we are good and it’s the best we have felt in the long time!

Breakfast: Shakeology. We like to do different recipes to keep life interesting. It’s my favorite meal of the day…and that’s coming from a person who HATES breakfast! I’m maturing, what can I say?!

Snack: Fruit, veg, string cheese, protein bar, energy balls.

Lunch: Salad. We add goat cheese, fruit, sunflower seeds, etc. We load up on the beans, quinoa, leftover chicken, etc. for added protein.


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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan

  1. Yummy! My hubs and I have recently started eating clean, and although its not easy, I am totally feeling and seeing the difference after just a few weeks! How awesome is Quinoa too? I love the idea of adding it to your salads for different texture!

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