Jonah Dylan-10 Months Old

Jonah has had a lot of firsts this past month:

  • First word. “Dadda.” He has said this for a while, but really meant it a couple of weeks ago and has been consistent in attaching meaning to TJ. It melts his heart and makes me long for the day I get to hear his sweet voice say Mama.
  • Pointing
  • Waving
  • Nodding his head “yes”
  • Approximating animal sounds when we read his books


  • Water. The second he hears the water for bath time turn on, that boy will crawl his little booty into the bathroom as fast as his arms will take him so he can try and crawl in. Once he’s in, he pumps his arms and splashes so strong that he is literally out of breath, the bathroom and whoever else is in the vicinity is soaked. I remember my Mom saying to put a crying baby in water to calm them down, and she was right. If he’s having a hard day, water does the trick (until you have to get him out again).
  • Trucks. He loves the lights, the wheels, and the loud noise. All boy. We just bought him his first construction hauler and he is in heaven chasing it all over the house.
  • Quinoa, gluten free waffles, peas and watermelon.
  • Mommy. Still very attached.


  • Getting dressed/diaper changed. Don’t mess with his hands or stop him from playing by laying him down.
  • Men. Lately, in the past week or so he has had a hard time with guys. No matter how gentle, as soon as a guy looks at him he wells up with big crocodile tears and balls his heart out until Mommy holds him and removes him from the offender. I’m hoping this is a very short phase because there are a lot of men in my family. TJ is the only exception to the rule.
  • Blueberries. Initially he liked them but now he throws them off his high chair.
  • Teething (currently #7). He really does has zero pain threshold. We feel so badly for him because every tooth is literally excruciating and debilitating for him no matter the remedy. And we’ve tried everything.

He’s generally a great sleeper waking up 1-2 times a night for a quick nursing session and still has two naps a day.

He’s still a huge cuddler who loves squeezes and kisses and yet loves to be rough housed with and thrown around while he plays.

We pretty much love him!


One thought on “Jonah Dylan-10 Months Old

  1. Nana B & Poppi LOVES that little guy SOOOOOOOO MUCH,,,He is Growing up soo fast,,,,,,By the time we get there to see those grandbabies again Jonah will be running to us,,,, Love you BIG,,,,BOY!!!!!!!!

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