Thankful Thursday

Sadie likes to start out with as many of her stuffed animals as possible with her in her bed every night. But you must never forget Ellie, her Elephant and the only animal that has a name other than it’s own title. Bear and Puppy come in a close second and third place.

At one time it was only Larry. Now he sleeps in the living room. With Bob.

Shortly after falling asleep, she will thrash around, change positions and everything including pillows and blanket will end up spread across the bare floor.

Jonah sleeps on his belly. Only after he has stood up in his crib laughing at who knows what for a while. When he finally settles, he will raise his arms above his head, holding the edges of his mattress underneath the bumper with his belly down and his butt up. He won’t move unless he gets hungry.

Except when he is teething. When he is in pain, he will sleep on the left side of his mattress cuddled up to his bear and blanket on his back.

That’s how I know he’s getting a new tooth…he sleeps on his back to take the pressure off his face.

I know these things because I’m their Mommy. And I’m so thankful.



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