Menu Plan

There’s nothing like a week of chaos to throw off your eating. And chaotic it was. We didn’t eat poorly at all. We just didn’t eat!

We had a double ear infection with Jonah coupled with teething multiple teeth at a time. Not a good combo. I love that boy, but my arms are tired (and more muscular now, thank you very much).

TJ had a meeting with a celebrity in LA to prep for this week while trying to meet some crazy deadlines at work, covering for a colleague out of the office, and setting plans for some business trips in the next 2 months.

I had a mystery allergic reaction that had me literally covered in hives and welts over the majority of my body at night. Cause is yet to be determined, but the treatment I am being given by my Allergist in the meantime leaves me zonked.

And Sadie, she’s an ever-going burst of energy who doesn’t stop for nothin’!

Can you tell we need to re-group and get back to basics?! I’m exhausted just re-reading the last 7 days of my life. I’m looking forward to eating this week and hoping things will be much more calm! Just in case another tornado of activity hits, I will be prepping as much as I can once I get home from grocery shopping so I can make eating on a regular schedule more of a priority.

Here’s the plan for Dinners:



I’d love to hear what your plans are for the week ahead. Feel free to comment or leave your link to your own menu plan in the works!




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