Jonah Dylan-11 Months Old

Don’t even get me started about his 1st birthday being one short month away. I will cry.

This month was different and harder for Jonah for reasons and factors we are still trying to figure out. It may be something as simple as teething, or going through rough patches with new developmental milestones he is hitting, but for almost the entire month he screamed. Loudly.

He was sick at one point, and we thought he would return to his happy self after his infection went away, but nothing changed. His Dr. saw him because I had a gnawing feeling in my gut we were missing something. Upon examination, his stomach was ever so slightly distended and when he pressed down, that familiar wailing scream started in immediately. We’re watching his behavior, eating habits, developmental milestones, and overall health this month and if things haven’t improved we will re-evaluate. It could have been digestion (gas, etc.) making him uncomfortable or could be something more serious.

He has had some really good days with no screaming since and no screaming when I check his stomach daily, so I’m optimistic.


  • Water. He goes nuts in water. It’s the only thing that would make him happy this month.
  • Meat. The boy loves his  turkey meatballs and sliced turkey, and chicken.
  • Being a trouble-maker. He will get into every single thing he’s not supposed to. The contents of our ziplock bag drawer is almost always strewn about on the kitchen floor. He loves the water in the toilet bowl, emptying the clothes in his dresser, climbing all over the shopping carts despite the seat belt being as tight as possible in an effort to immobilize him, and hanging on the bookshelves. Sigh.
  • Blowing kisses. However, he confuses his “oye vey” with kisses, but either way it’s adorable.
  • Laughing at himself after he sneezes. The boy has a wicked sense of humor.


  • Breastfeeding. The past month has been really touch and go with feedings. Between being sick, teething, and who knows what, it’s been hard. Some days he wants to eat constantly and others I am lucky to get one feeding in.
  • Car seat. I think he’s just too much of a busy body now that he doesn’t like being strapped in again. He’s good with a toy though.
  • Being away from Mama. He’s been super clingy and wanting to be held much more than in previous months. I remind myself that I will miss this phase, even though it’s been delayed. And he’s 22 pounds.


  • Cruising
  • Will take a couple steps if he’s holding your hands
  • 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom)
  • Clapping
  • Words: Dadda, Guh (Good)
  • Dropping morning nap, on occassion

One thought on “Jonah Dylan-11 Months Old

  1. Hi there Nana B & Poppi”s Big Boy,,,

    We miss you SOOOOO much,,, We hope you get to feeling better,,,,, Can’T wait to see you in Nov,,, We Love You Sweet Boy!!!!!!

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