Menu Plan

I’m welcoming Fall into our home this week regardless of the weather wanting to cooperate or not. Stubborn California sun and all its shining.

We are entering the busy season of the year kicking off October as the beginning of our birthday frenzy. Sooner or later the temperature is going to need to drop and I’m going to insist on gathering my pumpkins on the porch.

I hope the 90 degree weather gets the hint and moves on out!

This week you will find more chicken than the norm for my menu selection. We’re finding Jonah frustrated and maybe bored with his food choices the past few days and I’m feeling bummed out for him. Since we know chicken of any kind is a home run for him, I’m allowing myself to cut loose a little for his sake and spoil the boy with some new flavors that we can all enjoy as a family together. It’s so easy to fall into the short order cook in this stage of the game with an allergic baby, a picky toddler and parents who want what they want.

This week, the goal is to be united.

Here’s what we’re eating:


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