Jonah’s First Haircut

Jonah is a stinky, messy, get dirty quick boy. Just this past week he has been known to interrupt a perfectly good scheduled nap to spread poopies in his hair. And then shatter a glass on the floor 5 minutes later just to make sure this Mama wasn’t relaxing too much.

He likes dirt. Likes spitting. Likes drooling. Crumbling, crushing, crashing, and coaxing anything and everything.

You can see why I thought cutting his hair down to something a little more manageable than the mess that served as his daily nest for catching things had to go.

I love his haircut. It’s like staring at TJ’s head. The same hairline, cowlicks, and the same style in how it naturally lies.

I was planning on doing the cutting, but apparently this is a very emotionally traumatizing thing that needs to take place between father and son so they can mourn the loss of what will never be again.

He weeps. I rejoice. And Jonah is a hunk.





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