Jonah Dylan: One Year Old

I thought I wouldn’t be as emotional about Jonah’s first birthday as I was with Sadie’s. But I am. I have dreaded writing this post just as much as I did the last time. There is something so irreplaceable about the first year of life. I love those first weeks of snuggling this little human I grew in my belly for so long, just longing to see one day. Even more, I enjoy the first months of getting acquainted with one another and watching their little personalities blossom before my eyes. The baby phase just goes by in a flash!

Jonah Dylan, you are such a boy. You have such a sweet, cuddly, affectionate personality that melts our hearts and yet at the same time, you can be such a spit fire with some serious Jewish genes. You are an adventurous, busy, trouble-making, dirty, and adorable boy.

Even though we have had such a rough go with your multiple severe food allergies and are still trying to figure you out, you are so good at communicating what you can to tell us what you need. I am learning from you how to be more patient, how to slow down, and how not to ever second guess myself as your Mama. We’re in it together!

Here’s what you looked like the day you were born:

And here’s what you look like today:

On your first birthday, you love:

  • Sadie. You both hug and give kisses like crazy. You also enjoy going in circles around the house screaming together as loudly as you can. You will both stay up late together at night jumping in bed and talking about who knows what.
  • Being held. You always have. Probably always will.
  • Doing animal noises. Especially the cow and monkey.
  • Blowing kisses to the ladies. You’ve always been quite the lady’s man. We’ll be shaping that in the future.
  • Music. You get so excited when we turn it on and always find a spot to hold on to something so you can dance.
  • Loud toys with wheels. Such a boy.
  • Throwing balls and then clapping for yourself before you go get it and do it again.
  • Water. You are our water baby for sure. Fearless too.

You don’t like:

  • The car seat. Nobody can hold you down.
  • Food. You’ve regressed quite a bit with eating and you’re having a hard time with it, but we’re working in figuring out why. You still like purees though.
  • Diaper changes. Again, nobody can hold you down.
  • Teething. Boy, you have no pain threshold.


  • Dada
  • Mama
  • Good
  • Go
  • Yea

Here’s a recap of the past 12 months in pictures…

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months



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