Busy Brown’s

We’ve been a busy family lately! Good busy.

Let me take a moment to brag about my husband. He has been working his tail off in and out of this building. He’s been traveling the U.S. the past couple of months doing some pretty cool, top secret stuff and proving himself to be an asset to his company. They are taking notice, as they should. He has some pretty major decision making to do that will impact the trajectory of our family, but in the meantime he sits as the top Account Executive Underwriter for the state of California for the second month in a row. Oh, and while he maintains that status, he’s also a world class husband and Daddy. I know how to pick ’em.

We partied it up for Jonah’s first birthday with a meatball theme since that is his personal favorite. Meatball sliders for dinner and these spaghetti and meatball cupcakes for desert that almost made me like baking more than cooking for a second and then I snapped back into reality.

I was so excited for him to have his Vegan cupcake and he HATED it. I think it was a texture thing and he didn’t like the feel of the frosting because he wouldn’t even put it in his mouth. You win some, you lose some.

I stood here in his room and looked out in our yard and felt so thankful to be surrounded by people who love on our boy the way they do in a home where we have been blessed with so many celebrations. Who knows if this will be his only birthday here in this house…

To say that Sadie has been having a blast at preschool would be a huge understatement. Today they were learning about the letter “D” and her teacher texted us with this picture of her being absolutely miserable. She hasn’t stopped talking about how she got to eat her snack out of a doggie bowl.  Her teacher told me that she was highly offended at the suggestion of face paint though. Oh well. The amount of independence she had gained so far has been huge and we are thrilled with the decision to put her into her class.

This sweet little girl took a liking to Sadie right away. When we drop her off in the morning, she runs over to her and gives her a huge bear hug that picks her up off the ground. Sadie isn’t really a touchy-feely person unless she’s in the mood, but she willingly takes in the affection from this one. It’s pretty much adorable. The rest of her friends are all boys, of course. Poor Daddy.

It’s a crazy life with everyone going in different directions, but it’s a good one!


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