Menu Plan

This week is all about TJ. After all, on Friday he leaves me in the dust and heads to the thirty-year-old world! I have no clue what that’s like. Is this really happening?! Are we really on the verge of going into another decade of bonafide adulthood?!

Heck, my high school ten year reunion is in a couple of months. When did that happen?!

Do I have to start buying wrinkle cream soon?!

Are there grey airs on my head nobody is telling me about?!

I know I have a house and two kids (still missing the dog), but honest to goodness there are still days where I wake up and ask myself if I am old enough for all the responsibilities I have.

Time is whizzing by.

Anyways, he had a couple of requests and since it’s his birthday week and since I love him like I do, I will spoil the man rotten just this once. Wink, wink.

Here’s what the plan is for this week:

Sunday- Mexican Chicken Stew

Monday- Rosemary Chicken & Root Veggies

Tuesday- Vegan Chili

Wednesday- Light the Night

Thursday- Leftover Vegan Chili & Baked Potatoes, Salad

Friday- Shabbat with the clan (and TJ’s birthday)

Saturday- TJ’s birthday DATE NIGHT!!!


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