Oak Glen Apple Picking

We dreamed of going apple picking with Sadie this time last year, but was far too pregnant and necessitating a bathroom every two minutes to make it the picturesque event we pictured in our head. But today was just perfect. We got to the apple orchard just as they opened the gates and we had the whole thing to ourselves for such a long time so we could literally run around amongst the trees together. I don’t think any of us will forget the sweet giggles while we played hide-and-seek behind the trees. If I could have frozen time in the life of my family for that one moment, I would have done it. It was one of those things that I was taking a mental picture of in my head and filing it away for when the kids are older and I miss this stage, as hard as it can be.

Nana and Papa even met us up there later in the afternoon and joined in on the fun. Let’s just say my kids have no shortage of love from anyone whatsoever. I just want to know why they took Sadie home in their car and she passed out after five minutes for the entire time and Jonah was screaming with us the entire way back home. We really should have switched.

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