Sadie Rae’s 3rd Birthday

Sadie Rae,

We love you!!! You are so full of joyful life! You are one very passionate, naturally happy, creative, eloquent, crazy intelligent beyond your years, and deeply caring little person. We are addicted to your sense of humor and the wild things you say. Sometimes we are in awe at the things you pick up without us knowing, your understanding of God and the role He wants to play in your life already and your heart for other people. At just three years old, your Daddy and I know without a doubt that you have a beautiful life ahead of you and will do such special things. We thank God at the end of every day when we sit down together and compare our interactions with you and on the ways we made us smile.

Mommy interviewed you about life as a 3 year old and here’s what you had to say…

  • Favorite color…pink.
  • The coolest person on earth…Daddy.
  • What you want to be when you grow up…a Doctor.
  • If you could go anywhere in the world…to the park.
  • Your favorite thing to do with Jonah…going in the bounce house to bounce.
  • Favorite toy to play with outside…teeter totter.
  • Favorite snack…green grapes.
  • Favorite movie…Curious George, the new one.
  • Favorite animal…elephant.
  • Favorite song…jumping song (Run to Jesus).
  • Favorite book to read…the new Bible (Jesus Storybook Bible).
  • Best friend…Silas and Brady.
  • Thing to drink…apple juice.
  • Favorite dinner…vegan pesto.

We love you, our little Rae, Rae…Babushka…Sadie Roo!!!







2 thoughts on “Sadie Rae’s 3rd Birthday

  1. Aww, That just brought tears to my eyes to know that Silas is her best bud. Silas loves you Sadie Rae and we couldn’t be happier in the friends he picks. Your a winner!!!! We love you and can’t wait to celebrate YOU being 3!

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