Thanksgiving Preschool Style

I am so lucky TJ works so hard to provide for us so I can be at home and take part in special days like last week when Sadie’s preschool class combined forces with the next door class and celebrated Thanksgiving together. She learned songs, read books, made crafts, and thought about things to be thankful for.

Honestly, every time I pick that girl up from her morning at school I am blown away at how much she is growing and maturing before our eyes. She’s made such sweet friends and has gained so much independence, and a growing faith and knowledge of God in these few short months…and for that, I am a thankful Mama.

She apparently is most thankful for food.

She had a set place at the table next to her bestie at school, Brady. Great kiddo.

She was so proud wearing her “Indiant” head dress and her turkey shirt that she slept in it and wore it all day the next day. That, my friends is love. Especially coming from the girl who likes to sleep with no clothes whatsoever.

It was a good Thanksgiving, I’d say.


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