Family Road Trip

We took some much needed vacation time and ventured out to Texas to be with TJ’s family for a week.

We woke the kids up early morning, prayed they’d go back to sleep (which they did because they are awesome like that) and made our way across three states.

The first day we stopped about halfway in Arizona to see my lifelong friend and her beautiful family. The girls had a blast together and I reveled in the rare opportunity to share a cup of tea before going to bed catching up with my kindred spirit. We also spent time with TJ’s Aunt so the kids could meet their Great Aunt and Great Grandma who was in town from Northern Texas.


Once we got to Texas, we lived it up with family spending time with our niece who we wish we could spend so much more time with, soaked in time on the Army base where TJ feels most at home, the kids got to meet their Great Grandparents for the first time, we got spoiled like heck, and had fun talks with his parents about life.view





Then illness hit. Hard. Both kids had problems breathing, ran high fevers, seriously lacked sleep (we did too), and were pretty much miserable. It was such a bummer, but they pulled through and we still managed to enjoy time together as a family in spite of sharing germs.


We opted to drive home in one day on the way back to get the kids back to normal and healthy as soon as we could and they were amazing yet again. Thank you DVD player for turning my children’s brains to mush for over 10 hours of awake time in the back seat. I don’t think they had seen that much TV in their life span. Desperate times.

It was certainly a trip we will always remember and are so glad we did it.brownfam


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