Menu Plan

chalkboard menu

I’m shaking it up a bit this week because, well…it’s my feeble and weak attempt at making food enjoyable and not stressful. Who am I kidding? It stinks. But we move forward.

There is so much of me that wishes I had contacts with publishers who would work with me to publish a book for families like ours who fumble their way through the kitchen trying to unite everyone despite multiple severe food allergies while still letting the “normal” people in the clan feel like they aren’t giving up anything. All the while, maintaining a high standard for a health-conscious, mostly plant-based diet that is frugal.

It takes thought, preparation, research, and a little know-how but it isn’t impossible with a little fire lit under the booty.

Plus it sounds like a good read, doesn’t it? Of course it does.

After my book is published, I will also be needing financial backing to open up my own little refuge restaurant in a quaint storefront in my beloved Old Towne. You can also pay off my school loans because let’s face it, paying off these Allergist medical bills sounds like way more fun. They’re much newer financial woes.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

pic credit




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