Ultimate Reset: 4 Things You Should Know About Day 4

I’m finished with Day 4 of the Ultimate Reset and I just have to share some tidbits that you should know if you’re wondering what life is like on a detox where you eat real food:

1. You will sleep better than you ever have in your life. I kid you not. I fall asleep fast and I sleep hard. I have intense dreams and I move around/wake less than usual.

2. You will wake up naturally. I honestly cannot remember the last time I woke up without TJ or a screaming baby yanking me out of bed. But this morning, I woke up at 6:04 am and felt like jumping out of bed. This was so odd to me, but was a welcome change for sure.

3. You will have to fight the urge to exercise. Again, eating so clean and removing toxins from your body is serious work. Because of that, the developers of the Ultimate Reset say to stick to very low impact exercises like yoga and walking. I promise, I tried to stick to this rule when I went out for a walk with Jonah in the jogging stroller this morning. But the avocado groves were so beautiful, the wind was just right, and the temperature was just so perfect…I couldn’t help but run. I have this calm, boundless energy I just had to release and it felt amazing. And it was the best run of my life. I will try to abide by the law from here on out.921

4. Food will begin to explode in your mouth. There is much to be said about sitting down and enjoying your food versus simply shoveling in whatever you can on the go. Our society has two major flaws that I have been guilty of taking part in, but not from here on out. One flaw is that major food companies invest millions of dollars to get us addicted to poor tasting food. This widely available “food”  that is filled with salt and fat is low on nutrition and in many cases does the complete opposite for your body of what food is really intended to do.

The other flaw is that our society moves so quickly, we don’t stop to be a participant in the experience of our food. Just tonight I got to sit down alone at my dining room table and eat in silence. This never happens, but what a sacred time for me to be thankful for food from the earth to nourish my body and I made it myself. Not a deep fryer and a freezer.  I got to taste the amazing flavors each vegetable offered to the dish along with their textures and flavor profiles. That’s a lesson we should all learn to incorporate into our lives and our families.

Here is what I enjoyed today:

Fruit plate with plain organic yogurt


Lentil-lime salad and Greek Salad


Tomato Cucumber Salad and Quinoa Veggie Stir-fry



One thought on “Ultimate Reset: 4 Things You Should Know About Day 4

  1. You Go Girl!!!! I do have to admit that those dishes you are HAVING to eat,, looks pretty good to me…..I”m sooo proud of you,,,,!!!!!!!

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