Half Birthday Updates-Sadie 3 1/2 and Jonah 18 Months

jonahbeachJonah boy,

You amaze us. From your diagnosis in the hospital in January to now, 4 short months later with an ear surgery added in, you are a completely different boy. You can walk, you can talk,you can hear, and most importantly…you can eat. You have accomplished so much of what everyone thought would be a struggle for you and you did it on your own without the multidisciplinary intervention everyone, including us thought was so needed and necessary.

  • You used to eat purees or nothing. Now you eat everything when you decide you aren’t going to be a picky toddler.
  • You used to not have enough trunk strength to learn to walk. Now you run.
  • You used to scream all day, literally hours on end. Now you talk to me and tell me what you are thinking.
  • You used to pound your head against anything you could in pain from too much fluid. Now you give us “bonks” to cuddle.

You are a big miracle packed into a little frame.jonahhospital

At 18 months old, you still have all of the severe allergies you were diagnosed with and we’ve had a couple rough patches in the hospital with anaphylaxsis. But you are strong and we are still learning and educating ourselves to be the best parents we can be for you to be included, normal, and healthy.

Your favorite foods are:

  • turkey meatballs with marinara
  • crushers (must be Ella’s organics or Plumb organics or you will refuse it)
  • fruit leathers (raspberry flavor)
  • coconut vanilla yogurt
  • apple sauce
  • turkey breast slices
  • waffles
  • oatmeal pancakes

Your words:

  • Mama
  • Daddy
  • Sadie
  • Plane
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Go
  • Tree
  • Water (Wa-Wa)
  • Waffle (Wa-Wa)
  • Poo poo
  • Shoe
  • More
  • Yea
  • Cookie
  • All Done
  • Owie (ouch)
  • Nurse
  • Open
  • Hi
  • Bye-bye
  • Book
  • Baby
  • Up
  • And much more…wow!


Sadie Rae,

You are our passionate, hilarious, crazy intelligent little 3 1/2 year old already! Your first year of preschool is rapidly winding down and it will probably be the hardest adjustment so far for you to leave all the new friends you made for the summer and continue on with a new teacher next year. You live for school! You love finding treasures on the big playground with your girlfriends and your dixie cup. You rave about chapel time and getting to sing and jump on stage in front of everyone. You squeal about motor days on Wednesdays and you love to learn about God and how He is always with you.


At home, you are such a loving and patient sister. You are learning to share with Jonah so nicely, you show him compassion by feeding him a lot of his meals because he likes it when you give him attention. You absolutely love to help me cook and bake and eat up Daddy when he goes out on dates with you and reads with you at night.

The best part of you is the funny things you say. You listen to adults talking so intently and personally challenge yourself to generalize prior conversations to something novel in your life. When it finally comes out, it’s always shockingly funny.

Another highlight of you is that you remember and memorize things. Like the 3 stuffed animals we hid out of rotation and packed into the garage 6 months ago. You tell me exactly which 3 are missing, all their characteristics, when you received them as gifts and why you miss each one personally. Or your ability to tell me the exact recipe for your favorite Vegan Pesto and the steps to make it. Or reading a book once with us and then being able to recite it once we show you the pictures on the pages again.


You’re current favorite things are:

  • treasure box (full of treasures from school)
  • purple
  • reading
  • singing
  • dancing
  • style (clothes, shoes, hair accessories)…you did not get this from your Mama
  • Disney princesses (even though you’ve only seen parts of Cinderella)
  • playing in the sand
  • cooking/baking

We love both of you kiddos with all we have and all we are. We couldn’t be prouder of who you are together and on your own. Keep growing, but not too quickly.



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